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Cider Chaat Masala Mocktail


You read that right...THIS IS A MOCKTAIL. I get the most joy from making recipes that you want here and requested to see. I heard you loud and clear a few weeks ago - we want MORE mocktails on The Tash Mashup.

I love making mocktails because as a recipe developer who has a passion for creating cocktails- I find developing mocktail recipes challenging and dare I say it...more fun. Why? While ginger ale with a few cranberries in it is a beautiful and easy festive drink to whip up...what if we are able to give our friends who love mocktails something better with the same amount of effort? Mocktails are a fun challenge for me as I think they require a little bit more recipe developing on my end to make sure that the sweetness is tapered in a way that is palatable and has enough depth in its flavor profile.

Now on to talking about this specific mocktail...this one is especially special because it fuses apple cider and chaat masala...making it one of my favorite holiday flavor mashups I've ever come across. Add in a little bit of orange juice, fresh lime juice, and some non-alcoholic're in business. It's essentially my spin on a Thanksgiving margarita that is GIVING it all- tart, savory, sweet and absolutely yum!

While I have your attention, can we also advocate for mocktails to ALSO be served in pretty glassware with all of the garnishes? This margarita has an orange ice cube, salt-lime zest rim, and rosemary. You don't need to add any of these by any means...but even a simple lime slice and rosemary sprig can do wonders and make your guests choosing the mocktail that evening feel...well how they should, special. :)

Last year, my holiday series brought me immense JOY and I loved being able to bring you back-to-back recipes that made holiday entertaining a breeze and spiced up (word choice is intentional here) in the BEST way.

This year is no different. I've spent a lot of time recipe testing and making sure that I am delivering on my word and y'all thesse recipes are SO good. Stay tuned as I'll be shaking up some fabulous cocktails for you!



  • 1 1/2 oz non-alcoholic zero proof tequila (I used Ritual)

  • 1 oz orange juice, freshly squeezed**

  • 1/2 oz lime juice, freshly squeezed

  • 1/2 teaspoon of chaat masala (I used Everest)

  • 2- 2 1/2 oz of sparkling apple cider (to top)

  • Rosemary spring, optional, for garnish

  • Coarse salt and lime zest (equal parts), optional, for rim

  • Orange ice cube, optional


  1. If you plan to rim your glass, start by zesting 1 lime and adding salt to form a 1:1 ratio of lime zest to salt. Then, cut the lime in half and rim the glass with lime juice and your lime zest-salt mixture.

  2. To your cocktail shaker, add in your non-alcoholic tequila, orange juice, lime juice, and chaat masala.

  3. Add ice and shake vigorously until cold and you see that the chaat masala is nicely incorporated.

  4. In an old fashioned glass filled halfway with ice or a single large ice cube, pour in your mocktail.

  5. Then, top with sparkling apple cider- just until the ice floats to the top.

  6. Garnish with a rosemary spring and enjoy!

~ Serves 1


  • **I know it sounds nitpicky but I highly recommend using fresh squeezed orange juice for this recipe. It is the right sweetness without the preservatives, making it the right combination with the non-alcoholic tequila. When making mocktails, I've found that freshly squeezed fruit juices are your best friend. Oranges are also in season right now...just saying! :)

  • While I've rimmed my glass with lime and salt, you can also rim the glass with sugar. If you are newer to the flavor profile of chaat masala, it packs a punch and is salt-forward as is. I personally like a little bit of extra salt and hence created this rim- but you do what works best for you! :)

  • Once you make the cocktail and feel like it might need a bit of sweetener, feel free to add some. I'd just recommend sticking to an agave syrup vs. any other sweetner.

  • You can most definitely use regular tequila in this cocktail, but I might suggest replacing the 1 oz of orange juice with an orange-flavored liquor such as Cointreau, Grand Marnier, or Triple Sec.

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