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Gin And Jam


Let's get straight into it. Mango chundo (known as Chunda in some Indian households) is a traditional pickle that is made with shredded raw mangoes. It is SO good in cocktails given its flavor profile - you've got the sourness from the green mangoes, a little heat from the chili powder in it, and there is sweetness that rounds out every single sip, considering sugar/jaggery is one of the main ingredients found in mango chundo. :)

I love it with spicy theplas (my Gujju friends, IYKYK) but now we're adding it to our cocktails. Permanently. I may or may not find a home for my mango chundo jar (which typically lives in my pantry) and give it a new home on my bar cart.

Now on to this beauty on the left...

Why not have theplas WITH this amazing rendition of a gin & jam? A pairing for the books!!! Gin and jams just feel like spring to me in a glass, so I wanted to kick off spring and make this rendition my own. Gin = springtime vibes and I ESPECIALLY love jammy fruit this time of the year when whipping up drinks.

This gin & jam is incredibly well-balanced and BRIGHT. I've added a sugar rim to make sure everything stays that way as you take every sip. I couldn't be more stoked for you to try my rendition of the beloved gin and jam! A quick note before you scroll down to ingredients + directions - I typically post recipes for either 1 serving or 6-8 (when making pitcher cocktails) but this one is unique as it serves 2. I am a strong believer that gin & jams are best enjoyed with a companion so consider this a special circumstance! Please do let me know if you get a chance to make it. :)



  • 1 oz of lemon juice, freshly squeezed is best

  • 2 oz of gin (I love using American gin in this version and used Aviation)

  • 2 tablespoons of mango chundo (I used Deep)

  • Granulated ultrafine sugar, optional but highly recommended, for the rim (I love using this ultrafine cane sugar from C&H)


  1. In a cocktail shaker, mason jar, or a near-empty jar of mango chundo that has about 2 tablespoons left in it- pour in your lemon juice, gin, and mango chundo.

  2. Add in lots of ice (you'll need it since it'll dilute the drink and break up the jam).

  3. Shake hard for 15-20 seconds.

  4. If desired, rim your glasses with a lemon wedge and some granulated sugar. Strain into a glass over a single large ice cube. I love using petite rocks glasses for this.

  5. Edible flowers would be a great addition for a final extra-spring(y) finish. Cheers!

~ Serves 2


  • My favorite tip is making this recipe when you have the last bit of chundo left in the jar. You can add all of the ingredients directly to the jar, add ice, and pour. It's a great way to get every last bit of your chundo - what's not to love there?

  • To make this non-alcoholic - just simply remove the gin. You could replace it with non-alcoholic gin or make it without it altogether.

  • Mango chundo can be made homemade (there are some fantastic recipes online) but for ease, I like to purchase mine from the store. There are a lot of brands that make it so just find one that you love the taste of best (some will have a little bit more roasted cumin, whereas others are sweeter) so just know that you might need to adjust the drink to taste depending on which brand of chundo is used. I know I've noted and linked the one I use above, but for reference - I am using Deep's but I also LOVE Nirav's.

  • Typically, gin & jams are known for being sweeter but the above is my take to make a well-balanced sipper that works for my taste preferences. Feel free to adjust as you see fit. :) If you want, you can add honey OR simple syrup to taste to this recipe if you'd like for it to be sweeter but I find that the sugar rim gets you that balance beautifully.

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