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Guava Beertails


Quick icebreaker question to start...why is Taj Mahal beer SO good? It is wonderful on its own but paired with Indian food? It's light and crisp with spicy hops. Mmm! It's a gem of a beer.

Needless to say, a beverage recipe with Taj Mahal for The Tash Mashup is LONG overdue. Whenever I see it at the Indian store, I am leaving with it. It's on a menu at a bar? You bet it's ordered.

So we are here today...with a festive beertail (a cocktail made with beer for those still wondering after reading the title). The time is finally here!

5 ingredients is all she wrote! Paired with the subtle tartness of guava nectar, fresh citrus in the form of lime juice, the flavor punch that is mezcal, and agave nectar- I can't wait for you to try this gorgeous drink paired with everyone's favorite Indian-American style lager. It's like a margarita but better...who thought that could ever be a possibility?

While an excellent addition to your menu at ANY point in the year, this one I love specifically for celebrations. I like to make this one in a larger mason jar to make shaking easier for a crowd and pouring into cute drinking glasses. Right as my guests sit down and get comfortable, I'll go ahead and top the glasses with the beer. Top with some dehydrated or fresh lime wheels and we are ready to serve!

This one is ideal for a welcome drink because it pairs so nicely with you guessed it, spicy and savory appetizers. Honestly, that's my favorite part of any Diwali night and this beverage compliments those flavors in a magnificient way. Did anyone say chaatchos? If there was ever a pairing for my most popular recipe to date, these beertails would be it.

If I haven't convinced you yet just know that beer fans and cocktail drinkers alike would enjoy this recipe. Can't find guava nectar? Mango nectar also is lovely in this! Don't like mezcal? Sub it for tequila! Don't have Taj Mahal on hand? Use another lager that you enjoy. Don't have agave? Honey syrup (1:2 ratio) or a simple 1:1 sugar syrup also works here. Easy substitutions like these are yet another reason why this beertail is one for the books. Happy hosting!



  • 3 oz mezcal (I am passionate about the Madre brand)

  • 2 oz of guava nectar (I love the Grown Right brand, which is available at Costco!)

  • 1 oz lime juice, freshly squeezed

  • 1.5 oz agave syrup

  • Roughly 3-4 oz of Taj Mahal beer or your preferred lager of choice, or just enough to top the glass!

  • Dehydrated lime wheels, for garnish (optional but highly recommended)


  1. In a cocktail shaker or wide-rimmed 64 oz mason jar, add your mezcal, guava nectar, lime juice, and agave.

  2. Add lots of ice. Close and shake until chilled.

  3. Take your glasses and add in a single ice cube.

  4. Pour and then top with beer right before serving.

  5. Garnish with a dehydrated lime wheel.

~ Serves 2


  • You'll see that I used guava nectar for this recipe. I know sometimes guava juice is readily available in Indian stores but I highly recommend using guava nectar as it is typically thicker and sweeter.

  • I've provided some great substitutions above, but this drink is very adaptable - giving it a coveted spot on my Diwali cocktail series. Let me know if you try a sub that you particularly love. While on the topic, I also know that people sometimes are in a rut trying to figure out if they should be serving beers or cocktails as a welcome drink for Diwali AND this one makes it an easy answer - both. :)

  • I particularly love serving this one with a single ice cube. You can get silicone molds for larger single ice cubes from plenty of places online and in-store. I think it is a great purchase if you regularly host. Bigger ice takes longer to melt and when you're at a party mingling and chatting - this ensures your drink stays both cold and yum!

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