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Limoncello Guava Mimosa


Pardesi Blog is a digital community that believes in passing the mic to the thousands of South Asian women worldwide who have powerful things to say but might not always have the platform to do so. I was thrilled when the Pardesi team asked me to join them in celebrating their first birthday. My immediate thought was: what better way to do so than with mimosas? This Saturday, March 27th, I will be teaching how to make the following cocktail for their birthday brunch celebration. I’d love to see you there. You can register for free here! Don’t forget to connect with Pardesi on Instagram and sign up for the insightful newsletter to stay in the know.

These mimosas are absolutely magical and incredibly refreshing. The tropical notes of the guava pair great with the brightness of the limoncello. And it goes without saying, but EVERYTHING is made better with some champagne. While juice and champagne alone make a wonderful mimosa, the limoncello adds just the right amount of sweetness and is there to remind you each sip that you are here to celebrate! Speaking of sweet, the limoncello and guava juice combined make this mimosa the absolute sweetest shade of pink. Perfect for a virtual date with your girlfriend or a brunch accompanied with takeout on your rooftop, this mimosa has all of the right flavors and sets the perfect vibe for your outing! With the warmer temperatures right around the corner, I hope you will join me in making one (or three) of these fabulous mimosas this weekend.



For the mimosa:

  • 1 oz of limoncello, chilled (I used Don Ciccio & Figli)

  • 2 oz of guava juice (I used Maaza)

  • 4 oz of Cava or brut champagne, chilled (I used M. Chevallier Brut Cava available at Trader Joe’s)

For the rim/garnish:

  • Quarter lemon slice, optional for garnish

  • Candy sprinkles, optional for garnish (I used Fancy Sprinkles)

  • Dried guava fruit candy, optional for garnish (I used the Philippine brand)


  1. In a champagne flute, pour in your limoncello.

  2. Then, add in your guava juice.

  3. Top with your Cava or brut champagne and garnish with a quarter lemon slice and/or dried guava fruit candy on a cocktail stirrer for your garnish. Time to sip!

~ Serves 1


  • I’ve found that the key to an excellent mimosa is the balancing of the sugar content. I recommend sticking with a Cava or extra brut/brut champagne instead of using prosecco since proseccos tend to be a bit sweeter. Additionally, while I adore guava nectar and find it lovely on its own, it contains a lot more sugar than guava juice. The moral of the story? This recipe calls for a few ingredients, so I recommend choosing them wisely. :) If you do in fact prefer a sweeter beverage, feel free to incorporate either or both of these ingredients into your mimosa!

  • You’ve probably come to realize that I do not mess around when it comes to my garnish game. For this particular mimosa, I’ve garnished the beverage with a quarter lemon slice dipped in sugar crystals for a festive touch. I also covered the dried guava candy in the same sprinkles and put them on a cocktail stirrer. These additions are completely optional but are lovely additions to this particular mimosa.

  • My favorite way to have mimosas? With others. Here’s how I like to serve these: I pop the champagne and pour it into a large carafe. To keep it extra chilled, I like to use frozen fruit to ensure it stays that way. For this particular version, I placed frozen red guava slices into the carafe before pouring in the bottle of champagne. Alongside the champagne, I use two smaller carafes to house the limoncello and guava juice. While I welcome my guests pouring their own mimosas, I like to place glasses that are pre-garnished alongside the carafes for easy serving.

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