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Aam Panna Mimosas


If you love a good mimosa, you know there is never a time to say no to a mimosa. I personally don't find myself always reaching for one, as I find the proportions sometimes cloyingly sweet when ordered at a restaurant.

Enter mimosas at home... that too is made with aam panna. Let's start with the most important question - what is aam panna? Aam panna is a slightly sweet, slightly tart Indian beverage made with unripe green mangos. Spices like roasted cumin, black pepper, and cardamom add depth and you guessed it: make for the BEST pairing with the bubbly, sweet, and crisp taste of prosecco.

I honestly don't know why I haven't tried this recipe before. It is as simple as it gets but is such a crowd-pleaser. I also am obsessed with the single-serve La Marca bottles. This is such a FUN entertaining tip, as each guest can make their own mimosa when they arrive. I also love the garnish of aam papad. It is the perfect compliment and yes, even regular mimosas in my book should get the aam papad garnish from here on out. This cocktail is fabulous for a make-your-own mimosa bar! You can do this by pouring the aam panna juice into a pretty pitcher and by placing the pre-cut aam papad slices on a platter for guests to put on their own champagne flutes! :)

Better yet? If you are hosting a large crowd for brunch and want to serve not one but two brunch cocktails, I highly recommend pairing this recipe with my Achaar Bloody Marys. This way, guests can easily assemble and help themselves. Entertaining, it doesn't get more easy than that! This Diwali, I hope you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests.

With that, happy Diwali to you. Yes, you reading and still supporting me and my blog! I love being able to get back into blogging, the right way- with a magnificently timed Diwali series with cocktails like these. Easy, with less than 5 ingredients (most with only 3!) that are beautiful yet taste incredible. Xo



  • 2 oz aam paana, chilled (I used Dabur but you can also use a homemade version)

  • 6 oz of prosecco, chilled (I love La Marca brand)

  • Aam papad, cut into triangles with a slit in the center as shown above to easily place on to the glass, for garnish


  1. Add your aam papad onto the side of your champagne flute.

  2. Pour your aam panna into each flute.

  3. Fill to the top with prosecco.

~ Serves 1


  • You can most definitely make your own aam panna. I used a shortcut for hosting but if I had more time, I love to make my own - since I love to tinker with the spices and get the texture to my liking. If you do have an aam panna recipe you really love, do me a favor and share it with me at THANK YOU in advance.

  • I mentioned this above but the little 187 ml bottles of Prosecco help make this recipe extra special for hosting! You can get them in a set of 6 at your local Target or anywhere that serves La Marca! I've also seen other brands offer this size of Prosecco (no spillage when opening them either!) so this one is a hosting no-brainer for me.

  • Aam papad is a little trickier to cut given the sticky texture so I recommend cutting and placing the triangles on parchment paper if you do choose to prep the garnish before guests arrive. My trick is to chill it in the fridge for 4-6 hours before my guests walk into my front door. To cut, I highly recommend using a sharp pairing knife so that you get the best angles.

  • Aam papad is the best garnish in my book for this recipe but you can also use mint (or better yet aam papad PLUS fresh mint) as well as edible gold glitter. The most marvelous Diwali touch!

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