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Almond Rickey


I am so excited to kick off dry/damp January with an easy recipe that I have been enjoying for years! The trick to a good rickey is starting with some delicious limes (I used organic limes I found from Whole Foods) and getting a good amount of lime juice. Typically, in an alcoholic beverage - you'd use 1 oz or 2 oz of your spirit of choice. For this non-alcoholic rickey recipe, we are using a whopping 2 oz of freshly squeezed lime juice!

I ABSOLUTELY love the addition of orgeat in this recipe. While most rickeys call for simple syrup (1:1 ratio of sugar to water) - I've opted to use orgeat - a delicious almond syrup that is not cloyingly sweet and made usually with a hint of orange blossom water. I honestly think all rickeys should retire from using simple syrup because the milky orgeat adds such a nice touch, takes this rather ordinary zero-proof winner, and makes it extraordinary. Truly.

Orgeat is typically used in Mai Tai and other Tiki favorites. I love having it on hand because the flavor lends itself nicely to Indian-inspired beverages! You should pick it up from the store the next time you see it (readily available at supermarkets as well as liquor stores like Total Wine and Bev Mo) because it's a great replacement for simple syrup as it adds a little bit more body given the milkiness of the almonds.

Dry/damp January should not = fruit juices served in a lowball glass with little to no ice. This recipe is incredibly simple but I promise you - if you are sober-curious, just on the hunt for a nice beverage during the weeknight...MAKE THIS!

If you need further affirmation, my partner did not miss the liquor one bit when he took the first sip. If you are like us and love sparkling water with a generous squeeze or two of lime...this will be your new go-to when you want (and rightfully deserve) something a little extra.



  • 2 oz lime juice, freshly squeezed (highly recommend using the best organic limes you can find)

  • 1.5 oz almond orgeat (I used Liquid Alchemist)

  • 6-8 oz of sparkling water or club soda (I used Topo Chico)

  • Lime peel for garnish, optional


  1. In a highball glass, add ice.

  2. Then, squeeze in your fresh lime juice.

  3. Add almond orgeat and then top with your desired amount of sparkling water.

  4. Optional, but you can add a lime peel or dehydrated lime wheel for garnish.

  5. Stir before serving and enjoy immediately!

~ Serves 1


  • Fresh lime juice is the star in the recipe so if you can, don't skimp on it and/or use bottled lime juice unless you have to. If you are in a pinch, go for it but I highly recommend using the Santa Cruz brand as the only ingredient in it is lime juice vs. other versions that have preservatives.

  • As mentioned above, almond orgeat is relatively easier to find these days thanks to the rise of Tiki cocktails. If you are not able to find it, you can use simple syrup instead. I would just recommend using a little less - about 1 oz. What's great is you can always add more, so start with a little and add in more if needed. :)

  • You can top with either sparkling water or club soda but I prefer sparkling water to cut the sweetness of the orgeat nicely. Topo Chico is a superior sparkling water that is bubblier than I feel like this is the best solve for this recipe.

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