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Mukhwas Infused Liquor


It's Holi and I wanted to challenge myself to create the BEST host gift for all of your Holi parties this season. Okay, sounds easy enough but let's talk about my criteria:

  1. I wanted it to be easy - VERY beginner-friendly as in you could make this EVEN if you've never made a cocktail/mocktail at home before.

  2. Offer up a recipe that can be a star in many DIFFERENT recipes. A lot of DMs I've received from followers hosting a party and wanting to make my recipes ask: 'Can we make two different recipes using these ingredients or at least most of them" OR "What else can I do with this spirit if I buy it?" My thinking: an infused liquor would be the perfect solution.

  3. A recipe that felt festive yet in true Tash Mashup fashion is unique and UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU'VE EVER SEEN BEFORE.

The criteria made for lots of recipe testing, developing, and going back and then back again to square one. The result? What's most important? The final product: an infused liquor that (I am saying it here) will be served at my bar(s) one day, cemented in my cookbook, and be made with friends on my TV show. Okay, manifesting it all as I write this blog post but TRULY - the takeaway is that this recipe has my heart and soul poured into it. Keep reading on for all of the tricks on how to infuse/gift/store in addition to all of the yummy drinks you can make with both the infused gin AND vodka.


What is mukhwas?

Mukhwas is a customary post-meal treat that also serves as a breath freshener. It's great for your gut health and aids in digestion as well- BONUS! It is typically made with seeds and spices. Found at your local Indian grocer, there are so many different varieties so be sure to peruse down the aisle to make sure you find one that suits your tastebuds. Some have sugared candy added, some are predominantly red OR green, some bagged and some are jarred - you get my point here. It is typically served in households, Indian restaurants (near the host stand), or if you're visiting my home - in a salt jar that I have repurposed to be a mukhwas jar on my coffee table. :)

How long does the infused mukhwas liquor keep for?

Since we are using a shelf-stable ingredient, this could keep for longer than a year and then some. I doubt it will last that long since you'll want to use it every chance you get - but it will keep for A REALLY LONG TIME if properly stored in an airtight jar and away from direct sunlight.

Does the type of mukhwas used change the flavor/taste?

Great question. Yes, to get straight to it... it does. But don't fret. My general rule of thumb when using infused liquor is to taste the ingredients beforehand to make sure you like them on their own. Simple I know but it's important. So in this case - taste the mukhwas beforehand. Do you like the sweetness level? Do you opt for a mukhwas with candied ginger? Do you like a more fennel forward mukhwas? While this may require you to buy more than 1 bag/jar of mukhwas at the store, I promise it will be well worth it. On that note, while it also may be a no-brainer - I'd be remiss not to add...if you don't like gin, use a different spirit. Just because it is an infused liquor (and I am all for you trying new things + getting out of your comfort zone) - if you don't like gin typically, you won't suddenly love this because it is infused with mukhwas. If you don't like gin, try vodka or a white rum.

So, I have to use a clear spirit?

Yes, you do. Unfortunately, the flavors in a bourbon or tequila anejo for example will clash with the mukhwas and result in an unpleasant taste. There are many clear spirits to choose from so take your pick!

Could I use a non-alcoholic gin or vodka?

I don't see why not! I have not tried this myself but if you do happen to make this with a non-alcoholic gin like this one from Lyre's or this one from Monday that offers free shipping on EVERY order - I would love to know. I would just maybe batch-test it first with a smaller quantity (see exactly how to in the instructions below) before committing to a whole bottle!

How should I gift this?

You've come to the right place. I personally love making this for a 750 ml (essentially a fifth) bottle/portion to share with friends as a gift. It makes the perfect host gift, especially for all of the Holi parties and I promise you it will be one that your party host will thank you endlessly for AND never forget. A double win I'd say. :) When making this, I typically head to Target to find my supplies and leave with a beautiful decanter and a bow/ribbon to adorn the decanter with. My go-to housewarming/party host gift is a decanter and my new favorite thing to do is to fill it up with something that I know they will love. Making things extra easy, no gift bag is even required when you tie a festive bow on the decanter. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even place a tiny tag/note on the ribbon before tying it on to make sure your gift recipient knows it is from you!

What recipes can I make with the infused liquor?

Since we are taking the extra mile, let's go ahead and walk yet another mile together. I also love sharing a note card with some recipe ideas so that if your gift recipient wants to enjoy this later, they have some great ideas. Super cute! The best part is that you just use your infused liquor as you would for any recipe that calls for gin or vodka- the same exact proportions! It works especially great in well drinks ie. vodka + any mixer of your choice OR gin + any mixer.

How do you recommend serving up the infused liquor?

When using the mukhwas infused gin, I love serving it up in a highball with Frooti (I'd recommend using no more than 1 - 1 1/2 oz) per serving. You can also make a great gin and tonic with this! If you make the mukhwas infused vodka, I love pairing it with ginger beer and lime juice to make an incredible Moscow Mule or you can even just pair it with some Limca with a generous squeeze of lemon. GET CREATIVE!

Since you're trusting me, I just have a few callouts. 1) You want to make sure you are not competing with the flavors as it goes without saying, this infused liquor packs A LOT OF FLAVOR. 2) The spirit is best served chilled and/or over ice so don't pour this one up without! There are a lot of possibilities and I can't wait to learn from y'all. Please let me know what else you try it with and end up loving!



  • 1 750 ml (roughly 3 cups) of any clear, unflavored spirit such as vodka or gin

  • 3 heaping tablespoons of any mukhwas of your choice


  1. In an airtight container that has a fitted lid such as a mason jar, pour in your clear spirit.

  2. Then, add in your mukhwas. A good rule of thumb is 1 tablespoon of mukhwas for one cup of liquor. Yes, that means that you can infuse even a smaller batch. :)

  3. Then, place the lid on to the container and store in a cool, dark place away from sunlight for AT LEAST 24 hours but up to 36 hours for the best flavor.

  4. Strain your infused spirit to separate the mukhwas from the liquor with a mesh sieve at least once (twice to make sure you got everything nicely strained). You can strain the infused liquor into another mason jar or if gifting.. into a decanter. I also love upcycling my old fifth bottles - this is a great way to repurpose old bottles instead of throwing them out!

~ Makes 1 750 ml bottle of infused liquor


  • I'd like to think I covered it all in the above sections, but if I didn't I WANT TO KNOW. For anything else I may have missed explaining/including in this post, please feel free to shoot me a DM at @thetashmashup via Instagram or send me an email at I can answer any and all specific questions you may have here!

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