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Yuzu Cardamom Spritz


Spritz season is hereeeeeee. There is truly no season like spritz season for beverage bloggers. They are easily customizable, everyone loves them, and they are a great low-ABV option that screams patio/backyard entertaining.

I forever have loved Yuzu. If it is on a menu in any shape or form - especially dessert best believe it's being ordered. I love citrus in all my dishes, and you can often find me adding a squeeze of lime/lemon as a finishing touch to anything I'm making for dinner. When it comes to my drinks, I am the same...and rarely will you find a recipe on here that doesn't require some form of fresh OR dehydrated citrus.

YUZUCO was kind enough to send me some goodies to try and wow- I will most definitely be STAYING a repeat customer. Both the 100% yuzu juice and super yuzu juice are delectable and in this recipe, I am using the latter as it has a little bit of extra ingredients including sugar and water - making it ideal for a cocktail recipe. I've been using the 100% yuzu juice for dressings, and easy marinades, but do you want to see another recipe using yuzu but with the 100% yuzu juice? Let me know as I can't wait to experiment and make more yuzu drinks this season for you!

The brightness in Yuzu is special and I LOVE the combination of cardamom and Yuzu. Green cardamom (which I've used here) brings a citrusy sweet kick to desserts and drinks and I couldn't think of a better pairing for my first spritz recipe of the season.

I hope you enjoy this one and stay tuned for a lot more spritz recipes this season. Best believe I am showing up to show out this season with the warmer temps and longer days on the to say, you are in for a treat! :)



  • 3/4 oz of YUZUCO Yuzu Super Juice, chilled

  • Pinch of cardamom powder (more or less to taste) - I used roughly 1/16 of a teaspoon

  • 4 oz sparkling wine (I used a sparkling Sauvignon Blanc from Akash Winery)

  • Mint sprig, for garnish



  1. In a coupe glass, add your Yuzu Super Juice and the desired amount of cardamom powder. Stir to combine.

  2. Top with sparkling wine.

  3. Add in an ice cube and top with a fresh sprig of mint!

~ Serves 1


  • Yes, this recipe is that easy! While it takes specific ingredients to make this one, I highly recommend purchasing the exact ones I've listed above. I know I typically recommend easy substitutes and swaps - but if you cannot get your hands on these specific ingredients, I'd suggest checking my website for some other options. :) It's worth it and it's not as easy to sub ingredients for this one (if that is what you are hoping for, there are TON of other great cocktails on my page that allow for this). It makes an excellent host cocktail for any upcoming brunches you have (hint: Mother's Day is right around the corner) because it is incredibly easy to put together.

  • Regarding substitutes for Yuzuco's Yuzu Super Juice...I would YUZUCO makes the best Yuzu juice for this recipe - no questions asked. There are other options online on Amazon as well as available at your local Asian grocer. Just know that your drink will be a little less sweet at YUZOCO's version has a few added ingredients and you'll only be able to find 100% Yuzu juice vs. something close to this concoction. Be sure to taste and adjust as needed if using.

  • Cardamom powder is essential for this recipe as we are not shaking anything in a cocktail shaker but rather building it in the glass directly. This can be found typically next to your green cardamom in the store, as it is used in specific dessert recipes. If you cannot find cardamom powder, you can ground your green cardamom pods but make sure it is super fine vs. just crushed using a mortar and pestle. As a last resort, you could also try to crush some green cardamom pods (I'd say no more than 1-2) and infuse the yuzu in a cocktail shaker - double straining to ensure no cardamom bits make it into your drink but note that the flavor of cardamom might not be as prominent here.

  • To make this n/a- simply just top it with your favorite sparkling white wine or alcohol-free champagne. There are so many great options available now on the market, I am constantly impressed. For this one specifically, I'd recommend using Giesen 0% Sparkling Brut as this will be closest to the flavors of tropical fruit and citrus.

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