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Kala Khatta Royale


Kala Khatta has such a unique flavor profile that reminds me of all my trips to India as a child where you'd find Kala Khatta flavored- anything and everything... from ice popsicles (golas) to sherberts galore. It's made from the fruit of the blackberry (commonly referred to as jamun in the homeland). I love the tangy and tart flavor of kala khatta and knew that I wanted to pair it with Chambord.

What is Chambord? Chambord is a 33-proof (16.5% alc/vol) liqueur made out of black raspberries. You see where I am going here. Berries on berries is a FANTASTIC combo, especially for Valentine's Day. Like are you kidding me, this cocktail paired with some chocolate-covered strawberries? I would swoon if my valentine decided to make this and pair it with some strawberries. :)

Chambord, originally from France, is typically paired with champagne and so to make this simple as-ever recipe - we are combining a bit of Kala Khatta syrup with Chambord and prosecco to create a Desi-approved twist on a Chambord Royale.

This cocktail (given the champagne + Chambord) happens to also be low-ABV making this my favorite way to start Valentine's Day evening plans. Whether you plan to stay at home and make a fabulous dinner for 1 or (1+1) OR head out to a fun singles event at your local bar - this is an EXCELLENT way to get the party started on the RIGHT note! I especially love how easy it is to put together and with minimal ingredients, 3 to be exact!

To get things extra festive, I garnished the rim with some vanilla frosting and candy hearts from Modern Desi which I am nothing less than obsessed with. I LOVE supporting homegrown Indian brands like this one and one of my favorite things about my blog is how many incredible brands I am introduced to either via social or brands that reach out via email. If you're a brand that would love to work together, I'd love to connect. Please email me at for the quickest response! Big big hugs!!!



  • 1/2 teaspoon of Kala Khatta syrup (feel free to alter to your taste and use more/less)

  • 1/2 oz of Chambord

  • 5-8 oz of champagne or prosecco (to fill your glass)

  • Candy hearts and vanilla frosting, optional for garnishing the rim


  1. If you'd like to garnish your coupe glass or champagne flute like I've done so above, add a thin layer of frosting to the rim of the glass first. Then, moving quickly so that the frosting doesn't dry out - place your conversation candy hearts on the rim of the glass. I've found that it works best when you place them on to the glass with the glass standing upright. After a few hearts are placed, stop to press them in a bit before continuing the placement of the hearts on the remainder of the rim!

  2. Next, add a bit of Kala Khatta syrup and Chambord to the bottom of the coupe glass/flute. Then, stir to combine.

  3. Once combined, add your bubbly (champagne or prosecco) to the top of the glass. Cheers!

~ Serves 1


  • You can find Kala Khatta syrup at your Indian grocer. I have also seen it available via a few retailers online via Amazon and Walmart. You can also make your own, which allows you to control the sweetness as well as the tanginess in this case. In the recipe above, I used 1/4 oz but you can always add more or make this recipe without, resulting in a traditional Chambord Royale recipe.

  • If you are going to frost your glass and add candy hearts, I recommend using vanilla-flavored frosting. A chocolate or even strawberry frosting would probably clash with the flavors in the drink and I love the flavor combo of vanilla and berries. Who doesn't? :)

  • Chambord is easily available at your local liqueur stores (not to be confused with creme de cassis, a blackcurrant liqueur) and I have even found it in 50 ml bottles at Total Wine and or Bev Mo. I'd highly recommend buying the bottles in this size if you are hosting for an easy DIY bar setup! You can also set this all up by transferring the Kala Khatta syrup into a glass bottle or mini decanter and then accompany the mini Chambord bottles with mini 187 ml bottles of prosecco! It doesn't get easier than this!

  • As I've stated above, you can use EITHER champagne or prosecco but champagne is more traditionally used! When serving a large crowd, I opt for prosecco given the price point but if I were making this for 1-2, I'd definitely use a nice bottle of champagne.

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